Various Important Things About Nano-d Connectors

August 9, 2017


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Those of new military electronics are continuing to embrace more portable and also higher density ruggedized electronics. Fast deployment of some electronic ground troops, hand launched surveillance drones and also as well as geophysical tracking and also reporting systems have taken a full control of the battlespace that people generally face. Some customized chips offer multiple functions crammed into a highly densified module. These important chips often run on starvation current levels for saving voltages and power are similarly low despite offering surprising top speed digital processing data and control details.

Circuit designers must be able to choose connectors and also cable systems that generally address some different performance challenges. Those of regular micro-D connectors, and also some other connectors have indeed conquered most of these performance challenges and also continue to provide a well proven source of smaller and also somewhat compact interconnect systems.

There are several important points that you need to remember especially when designing with Nano-D connector.

Size is something that keeps a great importance for such connector. The maximum wire size should be 30 to 32AWG. On the other hand, the current flow will then certainly be limited to 1A maximum, depending on the percent of time the current generally flows. Moreover, the contact resistance from pin to socket will certainly be approximately 15 mΩ and also it needs 2oz to 3 oz of mating force per pin.

Backshells are easily available for connecting shielded braiding from cable to shells. These are important to offer EMI and also crosstalk from cable to cable or also within the instrumentation. Slip-on shielding offers 60db of shielding and also special over those of over-braid machines can tighter shield windings and also offer up to 90dB of shielding.

Moreover, mating and also de-mating ratings in the Nano-D military specification only needs 200 mates before plating may easily be compromised, enhancing contact resistance. Meanwhile, some of these connector suppliers provide over 2,000 mates before plating fails mainly to offer more useful lifetimes for frequently used connectors. Moreover, the plating should be easily specified for meeting ASTBM B488 Type II that generally includes 50 micro inches of gold over 50 µin of nickel.

Moreover, Nano-D connectors generally withstand shock and also vibration better than these important connectors mainly due to their less weight. Since acceleration and force are key factors, the lower weight Nano-connectors have indeed passed extreme shock tests that Micro-D connectors do not. These connectors have been tested and used in high shock.