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New Apple Accessories In The Market

August 9, 2017


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New Apple Accessories In The Market
köp Apple tillbehör online

köp Apple tillbehör online

Apple tillbehör online

Apple does not take part in most of the electronic related event but every year a number of Apple accessories are presented in the market.

These apple accessories are designed to make the life of apple product users easier and resourceful. The Apple products are really exclusive and the same is the case with the accessories. We can make a good research around the internet and we will discovver more similar items and devices but my personal recommendation is to be sure what you need, for what items you will place orders and not in the end you must know very well the warranty guidelines.
Android users are able to share a number of accessories but it is not possible for the MacBook and iPhone users to do the same. Here is a list of new Apple accessories (Apple tillbehor for all swedish readers) in the market in 2017.
iPhone 7 case:
Incipio introduced a new iPhone 7 case that contains the headphone jack. It is a thin case with a large chin at the bottom used to handle both the headphone jack and a lightning charge port.
Now the iPhone 7 users cannot only use wired headphones but also charge their phones in a couple of minutes.
BreakSafe Cables:
BreakSafe cables are also one of the new Apple accessories for MacBook and MacBook Pro. These cables also include a new 100W model for the Macbook Pro released in 2016 and they can easily be used instead of Apple’s MagSafe connector because they provide the same breakaway functionality using USB Type-C.
Now you won’t have to look for MagSafe connector, if you have lost it or it is broken and you can use this replacement to get the same functionality – for more inforamtion please feel free to send me your message.
Apple Watch Band Prototype:
An Apple Watch band prototype has also surfaced the market which contains a front and a rear camera.
Though it is only a prototype, it still gives the idea of the product which is yet to be launched.
The band is available for pre-order so we still have to wait to see what this prototype and band is all about?

4 Crucial Considerations in Choosing a Modular Inverter Supplier

August 9, 2017


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Modular inverters offer several benefits compared to conventional, stand-alone inverters: They can be housed in a multi-unit chassis that can hold two or more inverters, which makes it easy to scale inverter capacity up or down; the chassis often has a small footprint, which preserves workspace; inverters can be added and removed while the other inverters in the chassis are operating; and using chassis-housed inverters typically delivers the most energy efficiency.

However, the reliability with which a power inverter delivers these benefits is partly determined by the modular inverter supplier that provides the equipment. With that in mind, let’s look at four important considerations for choosing a modular inverter supplier.

1. Vendor vs. Manufacturer

Manufacturers typically have a deeper insight into how their equipment works than vendors, who merely sell the equipment. Especially if you need pre-sale and/or post-sale technical support, it’s a good idea to buy straight from the manufacturer.

2. Product Certifications

Some product certifications are needed for regulatory compliance (e.g., RoHS), while others indicate key performance factors (e.g. NEBS Level 3). Because product certifications essentially serve as unique value propositions (UVPs) for the equipment that has them, vendors usually have a good understanding of what the certifications entail.

Vendors and manufacturers are equally preferable regarding knowledge of certifications. It comes down to choosing a supplier that offers the certifications you need for the type of inverter you require.

3. Product Warranty

The length of the product warranty can say a lot about the quality of an inverter. The manufacturer decides the warranty, and the terms are usually the best when the company knows it won’t lose much revenue on free replacements and repairs during the warranty period. A one-year warranty typically means the modular inverter supplier has good faith in the reliability of the equipment.

4. Custom vs. Stock

Most companies and organizations first try to address their needs with stock inverters that are assembled and ready to ship. They opt for a custom inverter if none of the stock models would work. Because a supplier who offers both options would as soon sell a custom model as sell a stock model, you can count on getting an inverter that truly matches your needs.


There are several considerations to make before you invest in the equipment of a modular inverter supplier, four of the most important of which are: whether the supplier is the manufacturer or simply a vendor, available product certifications, terms of the product warranty, and whether the supplier offers stock inverters, custom inverters, or both.

For assistance selecting the right modular inverter for your application, contact an experienced manufacturer of stock model and custom model power inverters today.